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Stay en vogue with the hottest interior Design Trends in 2024

From an unwavering love of brass accents to "Peach Fuzz", coffee corners, and natural woods, the Grand Union Design team share their insights into the top interior design trends predicted to appear in our homes for the year ahead.

Let’s talk colour palettes…

Terracotta, deep oranges, and muted reds will be to 2024 what the greens and muted blues were to 2023. Moving away from the cooler, relaxing shades, homeowners are looking to bring in that sense of sunshine through the use of warmer optimistic, mood-boosting colours such as the top predicted Pantone Colour of the year "Peach Fuzz" 

Biophilic Design

In 2024, the trend towards "Biophilic design", ‘ bringing nature indoors’, is predicted to gain momentum. The aim is to create a real sense of connection within our homes to the natural world. From light oaks to dark rich walnuts, the emphasis is on natural wood finishes. We will see natural stone, earthy terracottas, organic shapes, and natural materials such as linen in our soft furnishings and upholstered pieces.

Serious curve appeal

Soft, curved silhouettes started to make an appearance in home interiors in 2023. They look sure to stay and grow in appeal in 2024. Extremely versatile and aesthetically pleasing, curved furniture and cabinetry can help introduce fluidity and enhance the flow of a room, further accentuating the feeling of space. Rounded furniture also lends itself well to entertainment and socialising areas of the home. It gives a welcoming and inviting sense of comfort and a less rigid, more relaxed ambiance.

Moodboard showing some of the predicted interior design trends in 2024

Coffee Corners

Beyond a pantry, a growing feature that the design team have noticed people asking to include in their bespoke kitchens or designs is a designated coffee area or breakfast nook.  Imagine waking up and starting the day with a trip to a specific area of the kitchen or a purpose-designed standalone piece of furniture that houses everything you need for that perfect morning brew! Less formal than a dining area, and more convenient than cluttering up the kitchen sides! We think this makes wonderful design sense.

 Artisanal pieces

Bespoke has long been back but artisan and handcrafted are buzz words that have gained momentum heading into 2024 as appreciation grows for the unique and with-it renewed respect for skilled craftmanship. Artisanal or bespoke furniture is a fantastic way to add your character and give that sense of authenticity to your personal space whatever room it features in.

Breakfast nook in a recent Bespoke Kitchen in Northamptonshire
Coffee Corner with a purpose handcrafted drawer for Coffee pods


More interior trends to keep an eye on...

Not your usual Wallpaper

Wallpaper has been making its return to design status for some time now. In 2024, homeowners will be using it to give unexpected or overlooked places in the home an element of fun. Think downstairs coat cupboards, the interiors of linen closets, the lining of bookcases – hidden spots that could do with a burst of colour or that extra bespoke touch!

Tech-integrated accessories

Bringing functionality and convenience together, tech accessories will be further integrated and considered into the design of our living spaces for a seamless uncluttered aesthetic. Automated lighting, integrated entertainment systems, refrigerated drawers, 2024 design will look to hide the tech whilst making it readily accessible.

Bold Brassware

Gloriously traditional and timelessly elegant, we are set to see a continuation of our appreciation of unlacquered brass for our cabinetry in the coming year. 2024 is also set to encourage us to dare to be bold with our hardware. It suggests mixing and matching similar toned metals to create a luxury layered look.


Sustainable at heart
Sustainability has long been a growing area of consideration for consumers. We not only look to seek out what is visually captivating but are increasingly concerned that it is environmentally responsible. More than the materials themselves, 2024 homeowners are now all the more consciously looking for furniture and interiors that are well made and will last the length of time.

2024 at a glance?

Interior design trends in 2024 proffer a harmonious blend of nature and tech, not only reflective of our ever-evolving lifestyle and individuality but also our ethical values.

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